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Specify Keystore alias in the SSL configuration

Hello. I am configuring ssl/tls on my denodo installation, for this I use the script <DENODO_HOME>/bin/denodo_tls_configurator (

Installation TLS SSL


ssl certs installation

Hi, We enabled SSL certs but still not able to login Dendo URL. Getting error as " took too long to respond " Can we connect on MS teams , coz production server was down for long back. Request to Please help on this. Regards, Bhaskar ...



unable to login denodo path

Hi team, Unable to login Denodo path. showing as below error Request to please help. error during JRMP connection establishment;nested exception path validation fa...



installation SSL certificates

Hi team, Can you please help me to guide how to install SSL certificates in Denodo. Regards, Bhaskas

installation SSL


Getting error "received invalid response to SSL negotiation: H" when trying to connect

Getting error "received invalid response to SSL negotiation: H" when trying to connect to my Organisations denodo using Denodo ODBC. this occurs when i test the connection on the windows ODBC control panel as well as when I build the connection string ...

Error Denodo 8 ODBC SSL



Hello Team, We have a confusion beetwen two concepts , activation of SSL and enabling the HTTPS only on the webcontainer . Would you please give us a little clarification about this two. Thank you in advance. Regards,



Denodo 8 - SSL Configuration and TLS Configuration Script

Team, I'm in the process of configuring SSL for our Denodo 8.0 servers. I'm on the step where we use the TLS Configurator to configure / enable SSL for the platform componenets. For the most part, everything is clear with one exception. The instruction...

Denodo 8.0 SSL


SSL in Denodo Express

I am trying to implement SSL in denodo Express 7.0. So, my first question, is this limited by the license? In other words, can SSL be implemented in Denodo Express? I went through the whole set of instructions and my servers start just fine, there are ...



Establish SSL connection to Denodo from MATLAB

I am trying to connect to Denodo virtualization layer via MATLAB and am getting the following error: "JDBC Driver Error: connection error: Cannot trust the server to establish a SSL connection." I have a SSL certificate for the Denodo connection that...



Connecting to SSL Enabled Denodo Using NodeJS and JDBC

I am trying to connect to Denodo to obtain access to a view using a web app created from Node JS and the jdbc library. I was able to figure out how to successfully connect to a non SSL version of Denodo but I would like to know how to do it for an SSL ...

JDBC Connectivity nodejs SSL