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Best practices for Solution Manager roles

I am looking for a suggestion for a setup of roles for Solution Manager similar to the document describing the same for VDP in a domain context (

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Return all the privileges for the Roles created in the Denodo VDP.

Hi, I am trying to create a report on the privileges that each role has witin Denodo so that I can tie this into a report on Active Directory user and groups I already have. The idea is to return every role and the privileges returned byt the desc rol...

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Roles Assignment

Hi, I understand that it is possible to assign multiple roles to a specific user, and the result will be of UNION. However, is there other way to achieve the following outcome? Assuming there are several records in the database and there are 2 fields...



Create a view using 'List Roles;' Denodo Virtual DataPort datasource

Created new JDBC type data source and select Denodo Virtual DataPort as the Database adaptor. I was trying to create a view using 'List Roles;' using ‘Create from query’ but got the following error when executing the view. Finished with error: Error...

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Desc role with a rolename having special character(hyphen)

Hello, When I am trying to run the describe role statement (Desc role role-name) I get an error as, Syntax error: Exception parsing query near '-' I tried executing the statement (Desc role 'role-name') but got the error as, Syntax error: Exception p...

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Denodo VCS for Users, Roles with git

Hi Team, Our project have git configured in VDP, and we can see data sources, fodlers, views are in gitlab repository, but we cannot see anything about the users, roles in gitlab repository, can we have version control for users, roles through VDP inte...

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Is there a query to see role-to-role assignments?

Using Denodo 6.0, is there a query or service which can provide a list of roles and any roles granted to them? Obviously, the "Role Management" window has what I want ... and I want it in a way that external audit automation can pick it up. I have rev...

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best practice for user session variable/attribute

what is the best practice to pre-load/set a variable based on the active connection to Denodo? Is this done best by creating a custom function in Java, if yes can you provide an example containing SQL as below. use-case: query current user with his/...

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Managing Roles

Our database is set for LDAP Authentication. We use a model where we have one giant database with all of our data views instead of many separate databases. We have been importing LDAP roles, but as we add more views and people request unique permissi...

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