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ElasticSearch for Denodo monitoring Logs

Hi All, Is anyone using Elasticsearch for Denodo monitoring logs and create visualizations etc? Thanks.

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Denodo Solution manager roles

Hi Denodo experts, Scenario below: In the Denodo Dev and Stage environments we have a developer called db_1_admin who is an admin on a specific Denodo db called db_1. In the Solution manager, we have provided the stage promotion admin role. Because of ...

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Denodo OKTA integration related questions

Hello Denodo gurus, We are looking at integrating OKTA with our Denodo 8 instance and we have a few questions if you have already done this integration: Currently the roles are created in the VDP. But when we do the OKTA integration, do the roles ...

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Delegate geospatial function

Hi Experts, How can I delegate the ST_INTERSECTS geospatial function to my snowflake datasource? In the Source configuration, I see analytic, scalar and other types of functions. How do I delegate a geospatial fumction to Snowflake? Thanks much in ad...

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Denodo function equivalent to Power BI's Text.BeforeDelimiter function

Hello. Does Denodo have a function that can do what the Text.BeforeDelimiter function of Power BI ( can do? Thank you.

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Execution plan says completed but query still running

Hello Denodo Gurus, I am hoping someone can shed some light on the below scenario: In the VDP shell, am running a simple select query from a base view, and clicked on retrive all rows. 2.The query keeps on running for a long time. 3.Upon checking ...

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Outgoing Connections from Denodo

Hello experts, We have been told that there are several million connections open from Denodo to an FTP datasource/baseview. Where can we view these connections in Denodo? The getsessions() seems to display just the incoming connections/queries. Please...

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function 'leftpad' cannot be delegated to this database

I have created a selection view in denodo where i have applied some transformations and while executing got the error stating function 'leftpad' cannot be delegated to this database. Redshift is the data source. lpad works in reshift but doesn't work ...

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SSL configuration in Denodo 8 (VDP and solution manager)

Hi Team, I am facing couple of issues while enabling SSL in my VDP and solution manager in Denodo 8 platform. Kindly help me with the answers at the earliest. I updated all the configuration files as described in the link: https://community.denodo....

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