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Where do I put the Virtualization layer

if i have one single instance of Denodo and my data running on both aws amazon and microsoft azur what are the recommendations factors to consider ? should i use the on premise deployment or where my consumers are located or where my data located or wh...

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Snowflake Service Account for Alation

Our organization is looking to bring on board the Alation product for data mining. To do so, Alation requires a service account in Snowflake to touch every database, every schema in Snowflake. Obviously this is very broad access and the org is concer...



Multi Cloud Integration in Denodo

HI Denodo SME, Do we have multi-cloud integration capability in Denodo ? Scenario : Integrating AWS Redshift data with Azure Synpse (analytic service) or something thing similar where customer wants to integrates data from two cloud provider , i...



Unable to connect to Azure SQL because of TCP/IP

Hi, I have been unable to connect to my Azure SQL database that i'm running on Azure VM. I am using Denodo Express to tryout the product. It keeps returning the "Unable to establish connection: The TCP/IP connection to the host, port 1433 has failed",...

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How to connect to Google cloud storage?

I need to connect to Google Cloud Storage from VDP Admin tool. Below user manual seems not clear enough. Di...

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Doesn't seems to work on azure

Seems that it doesn't work on azure I can see my server listening to the ports, all is configured well (including ports / firewall) telnet to port 9999 on localhost work well but not from outside to the public ip. tcp6 0 0 :::9997 ...

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Web access shows "The page you requested was not found."

After trying for several days to install your software on an headless machine on azure where the application refuse to listen to the public ports I've left azure and moved to google cloud. I've downloaded your tar.gz, unpacked it and ran installer_cli...