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Array Contains with Databricks driver.

Hi, i've been working with Denodo and Databricks (Using a JDBC connection) and i've encountered an issue with the databricks driver. It seems like when i perform a query like this: Select teammembers from some_table where (teammembers).item = 'some_v...

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Data Movement to DataBricks via JDBC connection

Is there a JDBC driver available for connecting to Databricks (Azure) which enables data movement to Databricks?

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Error in connecting to Denodo from Databricks

Hi Team, I am trying to connect to Denodo server from Azure Databricks using spark read api for jdbc like: url = "jdbc:vdb://%s:%s/%s" % (server, port, vdb) remote_table = ( .format("jdbc") .option("driver", driver) .option("url", url) .opti...

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Databricks utilization for cache

I would like to get better understanding on how the Denodo caching with Azure Databricks + ADLS v2 works. My understanding is that we could also use directly ADLS v2 as a cache, but thanks to its computing power of Databricks, it is enhancing even more...

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Cannot setup Databricks as cache

Hi, I am trying to setup Azure Databricks + ADLS as cache. On the Linux server, logged into the docker container runnig Denodo instance, and I installed databricks-cli and configured with token. I can see the directories when executing dbfs ls, which m...

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Simba connection error in : uncategorized Column Type

Hi, I am trying to fetch the data from a table on Azure Databricks (ADLS). Tables are delta tables. I am using Simba driver on Denodo and the connection is successful as suggested in denodo documentation. After successful connection. I try to do "Creat...

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How to setup DataSource using simba connector through config

In Denodo, I need to create a datasource which connects Azure DataBricks through Simba connector. I want to make a config file with all details. No manual as its our Dev environment setup I need details on Config file and It requires User/Password. Ho...

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Denodo not able to identify ADLS DataBase

Hi, I am using DataBrick to create Tables in Azure ADLS Gen2. I have one "DataBase" and a few "Tables" of Delta format. I am following the Denodo Doc to connect to dfs and able to connect my azure ADLS. Prob1: while creating "Create Base View" . I spe...

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