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How to search for / list in Denodo columns (of a view) that make use of a certain function?

How can I search for / list in Denodo all columns (of a view) that make us of a certain function? For example, I would like to list all columns that make use of "getdaysbetween"?

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How do I display the URL for a Web Service in the Catalog?

The Catalog is becoming a great tool. I like how we can display Web Services in the Catalog, but I cannot see how to display the URL to call, and the syntax for a Web Service. It seems liek a no-brainer to display this info, so I assume I'm just missin...

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deleted view is still found in catalog search, causes errors in metadata scripts

Hi, a view was first created, and deleted some hours later. On recreating this view with the same name, this error pops up: Error storing view 'VIEWNAME': Error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects checking Catalog Search, we fi...

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How do we query the catalog to find which view a webservice depends on.

What is the best way to query denodo to return the view on which a webservice or soap service is based on?

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