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Not able to start VDP information self service tool server

Hi, I am Not able to start VDP information self service tool server. Whenever I click on green triangle , it takes 30-40 seconds in starting and then comes back to Green again.

VDP Denodo server starting trouble.


Pass and access arrays in VDP function

Hi, i am sorry to repeat thhis question, but with a slight modification. I have wrote a custome function (VDP function through annotation methodology ) and I would like to pass an array of double values to the function. But when I import the extension...

Denodo VDP API users Custom Functions


Automated Process to store the result of derived view into CSV file

HI Team, I like to know that can we automate the process which will store result of derived view into a csv file and sent into a mail as attachemant on daily basis. Regards, Ganesh T (7875588330)



Error with login VDP Administration Tool!

Hi, Bij login voor VDP Admistration Tool I get the error. I had this problem yesterday too. I have reinstall De Denodo 6 again and the problem were solved. I have this problem again: Message is: com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.server.VDBManagerImpl_Stu...

denodo express VDP


Authentication credentials information to set up Rule.

Is there a field I can reference to set up a plan based on the underlying database connection credentials being used? For example, if the database connection has been created with user ID = 'JoeB' , can I refernece this credential when creating a plan...

vdp plans Rule conditions


VDP Query timeout is automatically goes to default value 900000

VDP Query timeout is automatically goes to default value 900000 even after changing it to 1800000 . Under Tool -> Admin Tool preferences -> Connection. Please provide any other ways to change the querytimeout in VDP.



Denodo on windows 64bit - 'Virtual DataPort Server' won't start

I installed Denodo as administrator and have pointed java home to a 1.8 JRE. In 'Denodo Platform Control Center' the 'self-service' and 'diagnostic' servers are able to start. But the 'virtual dataport server' never starts it shows 'stopped' even if cl...

VDP server VDP windows Denodo server starting trouble.


Restricting Import access to users with Connect and Read privileges

It appears that users with the connect and read access also have rights to import VQLs into denodo and we want to determine a way to limit access to truly be read only and not allow any changes from accounts that have read access. Is this possible?

VDP import Access account


Triger cache load job when no records

Hi, Is it possible to trigger a cache load query for a view whenever the count for the view doesn't gives any record. Basically i want to run a count on the view and when it doesn't give any record a cache load should happen.

cache VDP


CPU usage is very high for Denodo Express 6 VDP!!

I have installed Denodo Express 6! It seems that use too much cpu and everything is slower then version 5.5!!! plz your advies!