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How handle multiple web server requests?

I have a technical question regarding a Denodo process. I’m trying to take the response from one endpoint, pass it to a second endpoint as a parameter, and run and display the output from the second endpoint. The first endpoint responds with a filename...

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I need to send multiple query parameters to a field in REST API

Hi, can us help me with that? i want to know if is possible to send multiple query parameters like "field in (value 1, value2, valueN)" to a field in REST API. The goal is to use a single 'GET' but 'IN' condition, or also if there was a way to edit the...

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Rest-Service over Reverse-Proxy: How to change protocol from http->https in Swagger definition?

Hi! we are exposing denodo rest-services over a reverse-proxy (haproxy) which terminates the https-connection and forwards the REST-requests towards the Denodo REST-services (tomcat) via http. Unfortunately, the swagger base_url still uses http (and ...

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REST Webservice as DataSource with optional parameters

I am using a REST Webservice as a Datasource. To get the data, the Webservice GET function takes three Parameters "accountingClientId", "customerId" and "invoiceId". The first two are mandatory, the third is optional. I managed to do this by using ^Exe...

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Aggregation of derived views delegating search methods to base view

Hello, i have following problem. I want to expose a REST Web Service that shows aggregated data coming from one single Base View. The Base View can be seen as the following having some input parameters (BV has search methods): ID Desc...

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REST service data source for large amount of data

I have a REST service data source containing a few million product items. How are VSQL query parameters such as ItemId converted to the query parameter on that source REST service? Does Denodo have to pull all 3 million items and then filter the resul...

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POST Rest Webservice Failling

Hi, I am using the sample stored procedureCalculateAvgRevenue . I created a rest webservice. http://localhost:9090/server/tutorial/p_getrev/views/p_getrev POST with X-HTTP-Method-Override GET below request works JSON Request { “$filter”:”taxid_list...

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Rest Webservice Failling

Hi, I am using the sample stored procedureCalculateAvgRevenue .I created a rest webservice. Below GET works http://localhost:9090/server/tutorial/p_getrev/views/p_getrev?taxid_list={ ROW( '1') } But POST with X-HTTP-Method-Override is throwing error Th...

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How does "Case sensitivity in comparison of literal strings" work in Denodo? I am getting the same results for Uppercase and lowercase strings.

I am implementing a search module on Denodo REST API. When the users perform a search, they are likely to use lower case for all their search terms. However, if it is case-sensitive, if the search information was spelled with an uppercase in our system...