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Denodo addmonth equivalent

Hi I have a teradata condition as: select (EXTRACT(MONTH FROM ADD_MONTH(DATE , 0) -6) FROM TABLE_NAME. what will be the equivalent of this query in denodo, as denodo is throwing error Thanks

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Functions Mapping error

Hey guys, I'm facing again an: [ERROR] Received exception with message 'Unable to find mapping for function 'addmonth'' I know there are function that my db (Hive) doesn't have so we cannot use them from denodo unless we apply them in denodo server ...

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Syntax for Last Ten Years Using addyear from XtraFuncs

Hello, Here is my current condition: todate('MM/dd/yyyy', ITEM.datefiled) >= addyear(getday(), -10) I would like to modify this so that it will only bring back the last ten years from whatever date it is currently. Thank you

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