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Limitations on the number of environments in Solution manager

Hello Denodo Team, Please let me know is there any limitation on the number of environments created in a single Solution manager. Thanks

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"Regular" users see "No Application Available" under Solution Manager.

What is the minimum role/privilege grants to allow a "regular" user to have the option to see and run Data Catalog or Design Studio from Solution Manager? Current users cannot choose any of these, but can go directly to the URL of these 2 applications.

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How to deploy Denodo resource Plan and Rules through Solution Manager (not viq vql mode)?

Hi Team, Is there a way to use solution mamanger (not via vql) to deploy resource rules and plans? Thanks.

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Virtual DataPort 8.0: Remote license not found. The server is not registered in Solution Manager. When 2 SM server is load balanced

We have installed two solution managers and configured Postgresql as an external metadata database. These two SM machines are load balanced using an external TCP load balancer. Firewall ports 10091, 19090, and 19443 are opened in the load balancer so i...

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the solution manager environment, cluster, and server ID details

how to find or get the file location which is having following details in the solution manager : environment, cluster, and server ID details in the solution manager?

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Best practices for Solution Manager roles

I am looking for a suggestion for a setup of roles for Solution Manager similar to the document describing the same for VDP in a domain context (

Solution Manager best practices Roles Deployment using Solution Manager Best Practice


Timezone in solution manager

Hello All , Please i want to know how can change Timezone in solution manager ? Thanks for your time

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Connection from GitHub to Denodo solution manager

Hello team, How to connect to denodo solution manager(available in AWS EC2) from GitHub to automate the CI process. Thanks

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Solution manager error 'denodo-restfulws' 'denodo-odata4-service' 'denodo-graphql-service' has not been deployed. Error retrieving data from 'https://localhost:10090/revisions/search'. HTTP error code: 500.

==> vdp/vdp.log <== 1413193354 [Thread-3] WARN 2022-12-17T16:38:22.643 com.denodo.tomcat.manager.TomcatManager [] - Error stopping Web application 'denodo-restfulws' 1413193362 [Thread-3] WARN 2022-12-17T16:38:22.651 com.denodo.tomcat.manager.Tom...

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Setting-Up an External Database in Solution manager using CLI

Hi Team, We would like to automate the process of configuring external metadata DB to store Solution manager information about license, promotion,environments, clusters and servers.Please suggest how it could be done using CLI.Also we tried with regene...

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