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Base view from query using temp tables (SQL server)

I can't seem to create a base view from a query that uses a temp table. From looking around online/on the forums, this seems like an intentional limitation due to the session-limited lifetime of temporary tables. However, this seems like a bad limita...

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Hi, I am trying to create JDBC datasource using MYSQL adaptor. The test connection is successful but when Save the source and try to create base views of tables I am unable to see any tables in my database. I have granted all the access to the databas...

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Enforcing source alignment within base views

Hi there, Is there a method where any changes made on a source table can be automatically 'enforced' on a base view table? The purpose being the ability to always keep base views in line with the LAG version of its source table? Likewise, should the s...

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SOURCE_CHANGES() Create Base View


Automating creation of base views using Generate VQL Script and Get Source Table stored procs

Good day, I have been trying to combine the Generate VQL Script to Create Base View and Get Source Tables stored procs to automate the creation of my views for all tables in a range of schema's from a DB2 datawarehouse. I was provide a sample from the...

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the views in the VDP folders are all disappear

I faced a problem, in Denodo 7, my folders are all empty. I cannot see the views inside, but I can save the views, just I cannot see them. And my colleagues can see them in their Denodo VDP, very strange. does anybody know why? Thanks and regards.

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Base view gets created from query, however, cannot execute it.

I am able to create a base view from query, and do not get any error messages when creating it, given the instructions. However, when I attempt to execute it, I get following error message. Code is fine, and it runs with no issues and returns results, ...

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How to avoid array data conversion into text format while creating base view?

I have created a data source connection with another denodo data base. That data base has view in which data are present in array form. On creating a base view from that view, the array data get converted into text form automatically. Could you tell me...

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How to Create Base View in Denodo to a NEO4J data-source?

Hi All, I know that a very similar question was asked before, but my problem is not connecting Denodo with Neo4j, I could connect the tools using the corresponding Driver, placing it in the folder "<DENODO_HOME> \ lib \ extensions \ jdbc-drivers...

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Error in Data source creation in ADLS 2 container

Hi, I am trying to establish a connection to read and write back a csv file ADLS 2.0 container. I am trying in custom wrapper so I configured my core-site.xml with my ADLS account with keys. When I try to test connection the connection is succes...

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creating a base view off of a working script in VQL Shell

I have the following code that is working to produce a result but I am not 100% sure how to turn it into a baseview that I can join against another existing view. select * from (select * from hcc_dv_dev.bv_ctigeneral_s3_ldap_matrix_regionsector)a RIGH...

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