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Error connecting to Denodo from Python (JDBC)

Followed the instructions given in the below link to connect to Denodo from Python using JDBC driver.

Python(JDBC) JDBC Driver


Error connection to Denodo via DBeaver

Hello Team, im havig issue while trying to connect to Denodo via Dbeaver version 21.XX using JDBC, i'm using the same driver on both and it's the driver of the installed version. The probleme is im not getting this issue from DBeaver 6.XX. The error...

JDBC Driver DBeaver


Unable to establish Connection: JDBC Driver not found

Hello Team , Am trying to create a JDBC Data source in denodo design studio, in denodo community they have mentoned to add jdbc driver in this path File>Extention Management>Libraries ,however when i navigated to the path ,there is no such tab a...

JDBC Driver Test Connection


About Denodo 7 and Denodo 8 Linux JDBC driver

Hi team, I have some python script which use linix JDBC driver to run some vql to Denodo 7, now our Denodo upgrade to Denodo 8, Can i understand the Denodo 7 JDBC driver cannot run vql like create/delete Denodo objects to Denodo 8? If I want to run vql...

Denodo 8 linux JDBC Driver