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What happens when thread count goes above limit

Hello, The Denodo documentation for Thread Pools says "Maximum number of threads the pool can support simultaneously (default value is 300)". Could you provide a general explanation of what happens when the thread count goes above the limit? Wil...

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Hard limit on number of allowed values for the IN operator

Dear Denodo Team, with update 20230914 of Denodo 8 it's possible to define a hard limit of allowed number of values for the IN operator. (Added enhancement #71524. Added support for setting a hard limit on the number of values allowed for the IN opera...

IN Limit


I've a pagination where I need to give the last id to have more than limit. limit int32 Limit for the number of organization members returned in the result list. ==> OK cursor string The ID of the organization member used as the reference for pagi...

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Restriction User From Creating More View

I would like to know is there any possible way to restriction a user (newly created or existing one) when creation views. Example: a user " trainer" who have create, read, write privileges. but need to restriction the user from creating more than 5 view.

assign privilages Create User Create Base View LIMIT


FETCH or LIMIT in a Subquery

Are you not able to use FETCH and/or LIMIT in a subquery? This query throws an error - Syntax error: Exception parsing query near 'LIMIT' SELECT a.* FROM view1 INNER JOIN (SELECT joinval from view2 ORDER BY joinval DESC FETCH FIRST 3 ROWS ONLY) AS vie...



Limit inside Denodo common table expression

Is it possible to limit VQL query output inside common table expressions? I mean something like that: "DenodoTable" hh order by "holding" desc **--LIMIT 10** ) select * from cte If uncomment "LIMIT 10', above VQL gives "Syntax error: Exception par...

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