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Error Handling with Custom Functions

Is there a mechanism by which a custom function can report an error? It appears that exceptions thrown are swallowed and it is treated as though the function returns null.

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how can I call a custom function created in Oracle DB from denodo

Hi , i have created a Pl/SQL function in underlying oracle database which set the context based on passed input user parameter. i want to call this function from denodo VQL. i imported this function in denodo by creating base view on it and then trie...

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Format_date is not working for me to display 'yyyymm' patern

Hi Team, As per the customer requirement, I have to display only 'yyyymm' of a date field and I gave the expression as below in denodo: formatdate('yyyymm', dim_day.day_dt) But it gaves only the year, month displays as 00. For eg: 201800, 201900. I...

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Filtering by max date

I am trying to filter a transformation by only pulling in the rows that have the latest effective date. I've tried using the max function, but have been unable to get the results I'm looking for. Running on version 6.0.



Date Temporary Table

Hello All, I am trying to create a temporary table with two years worth of dates. Is this possible in VQL? I looked through the documentation and it doesn't look like we can call any looping functions. Similar procedure in MS SQL: https://stackoverf...

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Case function in Denodo

Hi Team, I have a requirement to implement a scenaion similar to the below in Denodo. But I am not sure, how to go about it using denodo case function. It is throwing me some error. Can you please help? IF [varI] =0 then 'Perm' ELSEIF([varI] >0 and ...

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Query not getting delegated to hive

Hi, We have a report view that is run monthly and is critical from the end user perspective. This view is cached on a regular schedule. When we run the view in vdp and it does not have any functions like current date() or get quarter(), I see that the...

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I want to substract numeric column from a date column and i'm using addday() fucntion

Hi, I want to substract numeric column from a date column and i'm using addday() fucntion as below- addday(xxbi_oe_order_lines_all_v.promise_date, mult (xxbi_oe_order_lines_all_v.delivery_lead_time,-1)) where 'xxbi_oe_order_lines_all_v.promise_date' ...



Interpolation of function and variable.

I have a connection to an Oracle database. In the connection we set up several Driver Properties including the user name which the database uses to pull only the rows the user executing the query has access to (row security). That property is set up l...

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Functions Mapping error

Hey guys, I'm facing again an: [ERROR] Received exception with message 'Unable to find mapping for function 'addmonth'' I know there are function that my db (Hive) doesn't have so we cannot use them from denodo unless we apply them in denodo server ...

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