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How to sync user queries in denodo data catalog servers?

Hi Team, I have a requiredment to automate the process of export and import user queries between 4 production servers through shell script. Is there any export and import commands available only to export the user queries from one server and to import...

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Denodo data catalog synchronization using curl command

Hi Team, We are trying to write a shell script to automate the denodo data catalog syncronization using the curl command. But when am try to execute the curl command, i am getting HTTP status code 403 and message as null in the response. What could be...

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Denodo Data Catalog synchronization through Autosys curl command

Hi Team, We have a requirement to synchorinize the denodo data catalog metadata through autosys REST calls using Curl command. How can this be achieved? Is there any useful link that you can shareto implement the same? Thanks

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