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Error: could not find or load main class while using in denodo solution manager from AWS EC2

Hello Team, We are trying to use available in bin folder of sol manager to use it for CI/CD But we get the following error and solution manager is inside the AWS EC2. Error : could not find or load main class com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.clie...

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Connection from GitHub to Denodo solution manager

Hello team, How to connect to denodo solution manager(available in AWS EC2) from GitHub to automate the CI process. Thanks

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Support for AWS code commit via git credential helper

Hi, I am currently looking at the possibility of using AWS code commit with Denodo. However, I cannot see how we can configure a credential helper for code commit in Denodo. There are restrictions that use of SSH keys, username/passwords and we can on...

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RDS metadata and IAM based authentication

Hi, I am currently working on configuring RDS to be used for storing denodo metadata. As a security requirement, we need to secure the RDS via one of the two methods Use IAM based authentication for RDS instances Rotate the db user passwords on ...

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no module named 'kronos' in ubuntu

I'm using AWS (ubuntu instance) and django. In ubuntu, I did sudo pip install django-kronos. But, When sudo python3 runserr --settings=health.settings Import Error: No module named 'kronos'happens. Kronos works well in locals. Why I get t...



Is it possible to use the Denodo SSH Custom Wrapper to execute a shell command on an AWS EC2 instance ?

We are using denodo 8.0 on AWS. The SSH wrapper requires a username/password which we do not have for connecting to a AWS EC2 instance. We specifically want the shell comand to run on the localhost of the VDP server that is EC2.

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AWS Glue and Denodo

Hi, I am trying to use this example to connect to a Denodo Dev server. The AWS Glue job is in AWS Account 12345. The Denodo Dev server is in AWS Ac...



Denodo & AWS DMS

Hello: Can I use AWS DMS to replicate data from Denodo to S3 bucket or into Snowflake ??? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks



server configuration for denodo deployed in AWS-EKS

Hi Team, we are trying to change the memory configuration which is under server configuration in VDP tool and it is successful, but what is the procedure for changing the memory configuration of denodo deployed in AWS-EKS. we tried by adding these pro...

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No suitable driver exception when trying to connect using Jmeter

Hi, When I try to establish a connection in Jmeter I am getting the error exception as "Cannot create JDBC driver of class 'com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.driver for connect URL' and "SQL Exception: No suitable driver found". I have followed this document to se...