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Promotion of Web Services

Hello, When promoting changes to a webservice (from Test to Staging) does the Solution Manager automatically redeploy it, or are manual steps required to deploy a change to a webservice after promotion? Specifically, when adding Authentication, switc...

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After enabling HTTPS can't connecto to virtual data port server nor webtools

Hello, I was doing the exercise of the DEN80EDU13DS05 module to enable the HTTPS in and server.xml and did everything as was shown. But after I start the servers VDP server can be started, but it does not connect to server. It says i...

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How to connect graphQL API with denodo

We are trying to connect the web service graphQL with denodo, we have the curl , the purpose of this connection is want to create a base view that can return some json data set. We should create a "Web service" or "Json" data source or other? And how t...

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How do I display the URL for a Web Service in the Catalog?

The Catalog is becoming a great tool. I like how we can display Web Services in the Catalog, but I cannot see how to display the URL to call, and the syntax for a Web Service. It seems liek a no-brainer to display this info, so I assume I'm just missin...

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Error when using LIKE operator: URLDecoder: Illegal hex characters in escape (%) pattern

Hello, I am running into an issue when using the LIKE operator on my webservice. In order to make the like more effective, I have added a percent sign before and after the text I want to search on. This way I can bring back results that have my text a...

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Adding Logic to Join View

Hello, I am having some issues designing a solution to a feature that I need to create. Scenario: I have a data set with a specific field that needs to be modified when a condition true is passed in from the web service and not modified when a condi...

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Accessing Open Data API

Hello there, I was just curious, how can you access an Open Data API with Denodo to retrieve Data in real time to be provided as a web service, self-service, or views that can be combined with other disparate data sources? Thanks in advance.

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Error when testing a soap service with SOAPUI

The following error is recevied when testing the SOAP service. Incidentally the same view was successfully used for a REST service. <soapenv:Fault> <faultcode>soapenv:Server.generalException</faultcode> <faultstring/> <detai...

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Assign Role privileges to a Web Service in a Folder

Please let me know how I can grant privileges on a WebService in a Virtual Database (VDB). I am able to assign privileges any View in the VDB, but not a Web Service in that same VDB.

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Using VDP Exporting a WebService using only specific Web service resources produces no Properties file

Using the VDP tool, when I attempt to export a Web Service and I want to export only specific Web service resources of that Web Service --> a Properties file is not being created. However in the VQL that is generated, I get the Header line stating: ...

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