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How to setup webservice to return an image

I was thinking there was a way to configure or call a Denodo web service such that if the only column returned was a blob (that contains and image) that the image would be return - essentially utilizing Denodo as a simple image server. However, I could...

image BLOB BINARY Image


Denodo FileSystem CustomWrapper - Error Loading data source

Hi all, I am currently working to see If the fileSystem connector would be suitable for a problem we have recently discovered. However, after following the procedures outlined here:

Custom Connector BINARY file system


BLOB Field - [BINARY DATA] - Help Displaying field

Hello, I have a view I created that is pulling its data from tables in a postgreSQL. One of the fields has the output type of "BLOB" and in the field...instead of the values, "[BINARY DATA]" is shown. When I would come across this issue in the past in ...