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Use MPP engine for FLATTEN operations

Dear Denodo Team, we noticed that flattening operations could produce high CPU workload. Do to this we want to outsource this operation to another system. Is there a way in place to perform the flattening operations on the MPP engine instead of Denod...



How to split then flatten with row number (index of the item flattened)?

Hi, I have a question regarding how to perform an operation in Denodo. I have data in a base view (on a Snowflake data source) that looks like: | Order_number | Icd10_codes | Icd9_codes | | -------- | -------- | -------- | | 1001 | 100.1,101.2 | | | 10...

flatten split row_number


Dendo Design Studio's problem with Neo4J

Hello Team, I'm using Denodo 8 via Web Design Studio. I created the Neo4j datasource via HTTP configuration with post method, also making use of a Json file. I inserted the fields via the following source query: {"statements": [ \{ "statement": "MATCH ...

flatten Array Neo4j JSON FLATTEN Derived views JSON Datasource WEB design Studio


JSON datasource - HTTP POST - ARRAY request and response FLATTEN

HI, i've set a JSON source for the API, with a parameter in POST body. CREATE DATASOURCE JSON ds_openfigi FOLDER = '/01-connectivity/01-data-sources/openfigi' ROUTE HTTP 'http.CommonsHttpClientConnection,120000' POST 'http...



Json array in data set - joining back to original data --- losing records when select * is used

I am seeing some odd behavior with a derived view that is the result of a field with JSON data being turned into an array and joined back to the original data set and the flattened. if I do a select * (no where clause) of the resulting join (after th...

select query flatten ARRAY missing records JSON join


Flatten multiple view in one go

Hi, when I am trying to flatten many arrays in one go but I coudnt, can you please let me know how can I do it. I read some community questuon where you said it cant be possible. **If there is valid support contract can one get it done?



Convert CSV into rows without the use of SPLIT function

Hi experts, Looking for alternative ways of converting comma separated values into rows without using the SPLIT/FLATTEN function as we want to delegate this completely to an oracle source. Please let me know if any ideas. Thanks.

Delegate FLATTEN Split


Flatten view

Hi Team, I have created one view from Json data source.In this view there are multiple columns and 4-5 coloumns are itself a collection of array.And Inside these element array there are elements which are itself a collection of array. I want to flatt...



Working with JSON hierarchical data

Hi Denodo Team, I am struggling with virtualizing data which is in JSON format (and can only be pulled in JSON format from the API). There are numerous arrays within Registers within arrays. My requirement is that I do not create numerous flattened vi...

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How to flatten JSON Source on web returning different number of registers based on parameters

Apologies if my query has been answered elsewhere, but I haven't been able to find a relevant article / direction so far. I have an API source that is drawn into VDP as a JSON format. The API accepts dates as input parameters. Based on the dates enter...

flatten registers Json date parameters