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How to access Delta Table on Azure BlobStore from Denodo

Hi, I stored my delta tables on Azure Blob Storage. Now I want to access these tables from Denodo. Alternatively, I tried Simba connector to connect Azure DataBricks tables, and that works fine. But that does not show the Blob Store Tables. Ideally Sim...

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How to connect DeltaLake Tables from Denodo when cluster is down

I need help on Denodo connector to DeltaLake of DataBricks. I am using Simba Connector and able to connect Tables in DeltaLake. But when my DataBricks (cluster) goes down my VSQL query fails to access. So, It always need to start the cluster. which is ...

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Connect Denodo to Azure-DataBrick with Simba driver

Hi, I am trying to connect Azure Databricks through Simba driver, but getting error due to autherntication or something else. Steps: I downloaded it from website ( and put it in Denodo ( DenodoPlatfor...

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