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Create multi instance jobs

I have requirement where I need to create one job but need to execute it in multi instance Example : Jobname = test , has to be executed as test_1, test_2, test_3 Same job need to be executed in parallel with different jobname

Denodo Scheduler 8.0 job


Run a job if one column from a CSV file is Y

I have a job that cached a base view. And I have a CSV file that is similar to this: origin active SAP N Oracle N DB1 Y DB2 Y DB3 Y I would...

Job scheduler Conditional Job Run job


launch a denodo job from the command line

Hallo Denodo Team, Our customer requires that we schedule Denodo Jobs (VDPCache) using an external tool (IBM TWS). I understand, from the documentation and the knowledge base (where I found a question about Tidal) that in order to do this we should op...

scheduler command line job