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Data source connection

Hi I wanted a create a data source connection for Banner Ellucian. How can i create this connection in denodo

Data Source Connection


data source connections for Oracle Fusion (Cloud) instance

Hi I wanted to know How i can Create data source connections for Oracle Fusion (Cloud) instance

Data Source Connection Oracle


connecion refused

Just finished the insall and In virtual dataport administration tool I am getting the connection refused error. localhost/ using virtual dataport server //localhost9999/admin What do I need to do?



cannot connect to virtual dataport server

Hello, I have just installed the express denodo platform 8.0 and cannot connect to virtual dataport server. I have tried several solutions given on this forum including modifying firewall restrictions checking if the port 9999 is already in use a...

Connection Denodo Express 8 Virtual DataPort


How to connect local sql server 2019 db and oracle sql db 11g to denodo express?

Hello, How to connect local sql server 2019 db and oracle sql db 11g to denodo express? Not sure what exactly needs to be put for connecting the db with denodo. Please help. Thanks.

Access Denodo Express DENODO connection How to connect the Denodo Server to the Microsoft SQL Server Oracle 11g


Connecting Denodo and C# Application

I have trying to connect denodo with sql database and C# application , but regarding this i Couldn't find any information on it, I tried to use ngsqlconnection class to connect but it genarate error, Could you please help on this . I'm new to this . H...

C# Connection


SQLAlchemy Denodo Connection Issues

Hi there, I am trying to use sqlalchemy with denodo but I am running into a few issues. I have the dialect added as per the instructions from your sqlalchemy dialects page, and I can parse the connection string it seems. However, whenever I create a c...

SQLAlchemy Connection


MS Access DB --- directly connect to a file on File Server

We have an access DB that is accessible via our File Server and a network location. I am trying to figure out what custom wrapper or jar file is required to get this to working. This is for MS Access 365. I have read through many of the community en...

MS Access Connection jar


How to Create Base View in Denodo to a NEO4J data-source?

Hi All, I know that a very similar question was asked before, but my problem is not connecting Denodo with Neo4j, I could connect the tools using the corresponding Driver, placing it in the folder "<DENODO_HOME> \ lib \ extensions \ jdbc-drivers...

Neo4j Create Base View Connection JDBC


Connection error when authenticating

Hi, when i try to connect to the Denodo Schduler on the Soultion Manager web tool through the Virtual DataPort server it is showing me this error "Connection error when authenticating". I can access the Scheduler from the denodo platform where the VDP ...

Solution Manager Connection Denodo Scheduler 7.0 Denodo Scheduler 8.0 Vitural data port 8