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Connecting to denodo from .net core 3.0

I am using .net core 3.0 with entity framework core . Is there an article somewhere detailing how to connect to denodo vdp using ef core and .net core. I tried connecting like a postgres database using Npgsql and it does not work.

.Net core Entityframework Npgsql


Npgsql using EF Core

While trying to connect to the Denodo VDP using the sample set provided I am getting the NpgsqlException: Unknown message code 43. Looking at the VDP error log on the server it shows that there is some error with the Kerberos authentication: Error: au...

C# Entityframework Npgsql


Entityframework connecting to VDP ms sql

Hi, i am evaluating denodo for our IT landscape. we have couple of important applications built on top of EntityFramework 6.x (web apis, angular js mvc applications etc.). I understand sample provides a way to connect to postgreg sql using npgsql EF pr...