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Denodo query optimization

I have teradata query with multipe joins and unions. How can i optimize its execution in denodo for better performance? Should i consider spilitting each section of joins and unions seperately or theres another recommeded approach?



Using Denodo Views in SAS Enterprise Guide

Denodo platform 6.0 Good morning, I'm wondering if there's any documentation around best practices when querying Denodo views from a BI tool, specificallySAS Enterprise Guide. The main use case we're wondering about is joining a SAS data set to a Den...

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How do I pull all records from the past two days?

What is the best way to pull all records from the past two days? Here is what I currently have and it does not work: select * from table_1 where creation_date between CURRENT_DATE and Subtract(CURRENT_DATE(), 2)

JDBC query QueryOptimization


Automatic query rewrite

Hi, we're explor enodo as a cache platform for EDW, our EDW is built on redshift and we'd like to replic a similar featur to oracle's aggreg uery rewrite within denodo, are there any docs or examplea on how to do this. Our BI tool is cognos and its mo...

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