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Connection from GitHub to Denodo solution manager

Hello team, How to connect to denodo solution manager(available in AWS EC2) from GitHub to automate the CI process. Thanks

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Integration between Gitlab & Denodo

We are middle of integration between Gitlab & Denodo. We have couple of questions on it Does Denodo support multiple branch strategies in Denodo? Which version of Denodo support the Gitlab? What is procedure of integration of Gitlab and Den...

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VCS configuration in solution manager

Hi team, We are trying to configure git in solution manager using VCS,can u please suggest where we can find the databses which we created in denedo platform (or denodo design studio),how to enable these databases in solution manager. Thank you.

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commit denodo 7 and denodo 8 codes in different folder

Let say I have folder called ROOT. I have vql codes in Denodo 7 which I want to push inside ROOT folder like ROOT/Denodo7_code. Similarly I have vql codes in Denodo 8 which I want push inside same ROOT folder like ROOT/Denodo8_code. currently all t...

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Not able to pull requests from GitHub

Hi, I am working on Denodo 7.0 and recently configured GitHub with Denodo. Seems like I am not able to pull any requests from GitHub. Please help. Thanks, Naveed

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HTTP GET request using interpolation variable

Hi Team, I made a connection to a github delimited file (csv) file using interpolation variable. HTTP METHOD is selected as GET URL is given as : https://daily_reports/@{File_name}.csv While testing connection, UI asked for file_name , that is also giv...

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How to connect to a csv file saved in github repository in denodo?

Hi Team, How to connect to a csv file saved github repository from denodo? We need to access a bulk of data from this everyday. Please help! Thanks, Manju



Listing Committed Elements

Is it possible to get a list of what has been VCS committed? I see there is a number listed of items that has been committed and pending a push, but how to find out what they are?

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