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View Multiple Denodo Databases (using Alteryx)

I have followed the steps in the Denodo KB for "HOW TO CONNECT TO DENODO FROM ALTERYX" In Alteryx, I am able to successfully configure con...

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issue in accessing derived views in Alteryx

Hi, I have provided access for a derived view from denodo to Alteryx. The user is able to access the derived view from SQL editor in Alteryx. My question here is Can I view the list of derived views in the rightside navigation panel in the Visual Que...

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Connecting to multiple databases with ODBC Connection

My goal is to be able to query multiple databases in a workflow, but I am not able to determine how to set up one ODBC connection that allows you to query more than one, or how to set up multiple ODBC connections that are each mapped to one database. I...



Is it possible to query only the data in the Cache of a derived view?

Hello - very new to Denodo and running into a questions I am looking for help with. Esentially, I have created an ODBC connection between our denodo databases and Alteryx. I am querying data from a denodo table, but I am only interested in returning da...

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Error opening "SELECT oid from pg_type where typname = 'geometry'"

I have made ODBC connection to Denodo from Alteryx. Connection is successful. But, when I ran the workflow to query a Denodo table/view in Alteryx, it throws below error. Start: Designer x64: Started running D:\Alteryx\New Workflow1.yxmd at 6/23/2017...

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Derived view access issue from Alteryx

Hi, User wanted to connect to a derived view from Alteryx, So I have provided connect privilege for the respective database and read privilege to the derived view. Now the user is able to access the derived view from SQL editor in Alteryx but not able...

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