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Kerberos in Denodo Express

I am creating a lab with virtualbox and a domain server. I'd like to know if I can configure Denodo Express to work with Kerberos. Would it work with just one "admin" account? Thanks!

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SSO to Denodo with Kerberos from Tableau Server 10.5

Curious, has anyone successfully tested Single Sign On to Denodo with Kerberos from Tableau Server 10.5.1? Thanks, Tony

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Similar Question to Location of keytab file for Kerberos authentication on windows server

The answer given to the question was not the best. Could the Denodo team please clarify...

Kerberos Keytab


Kerberos connection to Hive server is throwing error

Have added following below entries in vdpadmin.bat file to be taken during java command:\utility\conf\krb5.ini

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RESTful Web Services - Kerberos

We are new to Denodo 6.0. We currently utilize the built-in Denodo RESTful WS with basic authentication. I know we can configure Kerberos in VDP Admin tool and the JDBC driver, but wanted to see if it extended to the RESTful web services. I can see th...

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ODBC DNS to access VDP server with Kerberos

"ERROR: SSL Connection required" How to config ODBC DNS to access VDP server with Kerboers?

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