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Searching on fields that will be nested on outbound and support the 'in' operation in web service

We have a Denodo service we want to create but have ran into some issues while creating it. The customer required a few things for this service. A default set of parameters if they don't send any themselves, which we are using the 'ExecuteIfIsNotNull' ...

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RESTful Web Services - Kerberos

We are new to Denodo 6.0. We currently utilize the built-in Denodo RESTful WS with basic authentication. I know we can configure Kerberos in VDP Admin tool and the JDBC driver, but wanted to see if it extended to the RESTful web services. I can see th...

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stuck at RESTful Web Service of DENODO 5.5 BASICS TUTORIAL

when trying the restful service of the tutorial, http://localhost:9090/denodo-restfulws/ gives me 401 error. Checking Web service container status, it is off, although the property com.denodo.webcontainer.startonstartup is on. Checking tomcat log fil...

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