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HTTP File Download -- Delimited -- but multiple files within zip

I have a file URL that I am download to get a flat file source. the issue is there are multpile files withing the ZIP download. Is there any way to target this specific TXT files within the ZIP? It is NOT the first file unfortunately. productCodes....

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Delimited file source headers have _0 appended to them

Sorry, I tried to find an answer by searching but couldn't. I have a .csv data source where every column is enclosed in double quotes. When I create a base view off of this source the quotes are removed, which is great, but the header gets a "_0" appe...

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Delimited File sources with DateRange

Could someone provide an example which works for using Delimited Files with a date range in the file name (or path)? I have given up our own design for now, and I am currently trying to recreate the example from "Virtual DataPort Administration Guide"...

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Write the retrieved data into multiple files

Hello, Need to retrive the data from Oracle database, it may have millions for records, I need to write the data in to muliteple CSV files(split the data in to mulitple files). I was able to read the data and write it as single files using schedule adm...

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Error while creating Base View with Delimited Files

I'm trying to create a Base View with the information detailed in DEN60EDU0112LAB01 and everything works fine until I select the Create Base View, it gives me an error: "There was an error while creating this base view: Column names could not be genera...

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Hey, There is a stored procedure to generate vql to create base view for jdbc sources - GENERATE_VQL_TO_CREATE_JDBC_BASE_VIEW() but is there a option i can generate vql for otehr datasource. I.e json, csv, custom, etc

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Delimited File Error

Hi all, During the Denodo 7.0 lab DEN70EDUD1102LAB01 I have created the log data source successfully, however cannot perform the creation of a base view; every attempt results in the folloing error: “There was an error while creating this base vi...

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multiple files Data Source with different columns

Dear Community, I have a case where multiple files represent a data source. On each file, the columns that I'm interested for my base view are present, but the files do not have the same column order. Because of this and selecting to ignore errors, w...

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source file info

Hi, I found some interesting predefined stored procedures here, but as far as I've seen, they don't deliver output I'm looking for:

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Delimited File: vertical tab and form feed as column and line delimiter, how do I put those characters into denodo?

Hi, I have a file with vertical tabs as column delimiters and form feeds as line delimiters. In Denodo, I'm trying to input the vertical tab into the column delmiter box, and it seems to work okay for the column delimiter. (I go to my source file, hi...

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