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Determining the driver version of clients through Denodo server logs (such as connection/query monitor logs)

Is there a way to know what's the version of the jdbc/odbc drivers being used by the clients connection to our Denodo servers? The ideal would be to have this info displayed for each row in the connection/query monitor logs. Similar to the 'access_int...

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How to change <SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy> of logs to <TimeBasedTriggeringPolicy> and store the logs of the last 7 days in Denodo

Denodo 8.0 Windows operating system Currently, in Denodo 10MB size of 7 log files are storing in denodohome&gt;conf&gt;vdp. I want to modify this, so that I can have the logs of last 7 days. Please let me know the way.



create a view that only shows user access and query activity from the logs

I am working with a data source that someone set up that is tapping into the vdp logs. is there a way to filter for only records in that data source that show who, what and when a particular data source/view was accessed?

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