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Use a jdbc drive in custom handler.

In a custom handler, I am trying to conenct to a SQL Azure database using jdbc to log some schedule job run information (such as a start time). The custom handler failed with the folloiwng error: No suitable driver found for jdbc:sqlserver://{SQL Azur...

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Custom Handler Sample Code

Are there any sample code for implementing custom handlers? Or is there a development community out there for sharing the custom developed assets? Thanks, Jun



How to create a custom handler and exporter

I want to send an output file generated from one of the VDP jobs to a different server using FTP. In order to do so, we need to create a custom handler. I went through the link

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Schedule Handler email-exported-files - Only if file exists?

We have a scheduler exporter that writes a simple CSV file with the results of a minus query that compares 2 similar data sources. We are currently using the email-exported-files handler to email that file. I'd like to only receive an email if there ...

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