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How to convert rows to columns using SPLIT function/any generic function in Denodo

Hi Team, I need to know is there any generic function available in DENODO for SPLIT function which can be used for any of the views without depending on one single view/function. Example: In Oracle we do have below function which can be used in any o...

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Converting the text data type into an integer data type

Hi there, I'm trying to convert a field of data type 'text' to 'integer' in denodo. The below is my sample operation. select column1, column2, column3 from bv_sample order by cast(field1 as integer) ; I get the below error: "Error converting data t...

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Special character

I want to stripe-off special character when i query the column. is there a special funtion to do this. e.g. i have characters like ~ @ in the data. so if have value@like, i want to select valuelike. if i have panda~, i want to select panda.



GETVAR,SETVAR examples needed

do you have some examples of how can i setvar and use the getvar in VQL?