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Azure custom Wrapper, getSchemaParametrs error.

We are trying to connect Denodo toAzure using custom wrpper. we are using denodo-class name:-com.denodo.connect.hadoop.hfds.wrapper.HDFSParquetFileWrapper whenever we try to create a base view we get an error "Error while executing custom wrapper met...



Error in connecting to Denodo from Databricks

Hi Team, I am trying to connect to Denodo server from Azure Databricks using spark read api for jdbc like: url = "jdbc:vdb://%s:%s/%s" % (server, port, vdb) remote_table = ( .format("jdbc") .option("driver", driver) .option("url", url) .opti...

Azure Driver databricks JDBC Denodo vdp jdbc driver Azure databricks


Extended support for database

Planning on the Denodo platform on the Azure platform. However, in the service provided by Azure, Database is not listed as official support. example ・Azure SQL Database ・Azure Database for PostgreSQL ・Azure Database for MySQL etc... Reference:List ...

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Configuring Azure AD for SSO using Denodo Solution Manager

Hi team, I am trying to configure Azure AD for SSO with SAML in denodo solution manager, Afetr following all the steps mentioned for configuring single sign-on with SAML as per the documentation i am getting error as "Error ocurred during user context ...

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Refresh token not fetched when connecting to Azure Blob Storage

Hi all, I followed the steps accoring to the Denodo Data sources guide ( and obtained the OAuth2.0 credentials. Everything worked fine but a...

Azure azure blobl storage Web Service OAuth 2.0 Refresh Token


Joining Census data with Azure dataverse data

Hi All, This is probably mainly to get pointed in the right direction. Here's the problem. I would like to be able to geocode addresses as they appear in the Address table. My idea is 1) Create a base view for the REST API from the census. The censu...

Base view Azure census geocode Derived views


Azure Denodo database with Direct query Power BI

Hi, I am looking solution to connect Denodo database with Power BI direct query method. I am able to connect Power BI desktop with Denodo database using ODBC connection but unable to view the content into Power BI service. I am connecting Power BI de...

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Denodo showing repeated data from ADLS Delta Table

Hi, I am using DataBrick to create Tables in Azure ADLS Gen2. I am loading a table data multiple times in a day. so have multiple parquet files. From Denodo, when I access this table, The data is repeated for each load. While on DataBrick (Notepad) it...

Azure Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2


Files present in mount directory but not seen in ADLS container in azure portal UI

I am trying to export denodo view to ADLSv2. I am able to do the below things without any issues using Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper connected to ADLSv2 container to read csv file from container created data source and base view i...

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Driver not found

Hi, after follwoing the steps in the guide ( I always get the same error message:"Unable to establish connecti...

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