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Cannot Connect to Denodo using JDBC via Mulesoft code

Hi All, We are trying to figure out this issue since long but no help. I am trying to connect to Denodo via JDBC from my Mulesoft code (Anypoint Studio) on my desktop but always getting connection timeout. URL: jdbc:vdb://${}:${denodo.por...

Denodo VDB Connection Time out Connection JDBC


Denodo Base view times out in 15 minutes

Denodo Server still times out when I try to access the base view that takes more than 15 minutes to execute. I have already changed Admin Tool Preference -> Connection -> Query timeout(milliseconds) to ZERO. Admin -> Server Configuration -&g...

Connection Time out QUERY_TIMEOUT


Denodo connection timeout when getting list of tables using Presto

I am connecting to a Presto data source via JDBC driver (Teradata 4.2 driver). The connection is sucessful, however when I try to create a Base the system is churning, however that process stops and I get the following error: Unable to connect to the d...

Presto Connection Time out


Problem to login to Administration Tool Using admin uid/pwd

I was installed Denodo 5.5 Express in my windows 7 machine..When I try to run the server - server is stopped always, after reading some Q&A - I just changed JVM options from 1024m to 512m and it started working..But when I try to login Administration...

Admin tool Connection Time out