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Cannot Connect to Denodo using JDBC via Mulesoft code

Hi All, We are trying to figure out this issue since long but no help. I am trying to connect to Denodo via JDBC from my Mulesoft code (Anypoint Studio) on my desktop but always getting connection timeout. URL: jdbc:vdb://${}:${denodo.por...

Denodo VDB Connection Time out Connection JDBC


Need details on file

Hi Team, Please give details on below properties file, and where can I read about them in detail. <Denodo-Home>\conf\vdp\ <Denodo-Home>\conf\vdp-admin\ Thanks



Listing existing databases (VDB)

Dear Denodo Support, Is there a way of listing exisitng databases (VDB) defined in VDP? I am interested how could this be done from shell scrip on Denodo running on Linux. I was looking under $DENODO_HOME/work/vdp/repository but it seems that not all ...

vdb shell