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Refresh token not fetched when connecting to Azure Blob Storage

Hi all, I followed the steps accoring to the Denodo Data sources guide ( and obtained the OAuth2.0 credentials. Everything worked fine but a...

Azure azure blobl storage Web Service OAuth 2.0 Refresh Token


Files present in mount directory but not seen in ADLS container in azure portal UI

I am trying to export denodo view to ADLSv2. I am able to do the below things without any issues using Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper connected to ADLSv2 container to read csv file from container created data source and base view i...

Denodo on Azure BLOB azure blobl storage CSV Export Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 azure


Export denodo views to ADLS (AZURE DATA LAKE)

I am using denodo 7.0 in on-prem, i want to export a denodo views such as base view, derived view,etc as xlsx file, parquet, avro to azure blob storage in ADLS. Pls advice. thanks!

Denodo on Azure BLOB azure blobl storage DENODO Export Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2


Support for Azure Blob Storage

Does anyone know if Denodo can natively use Azure Blob Storage as a Data Source? I have a container of JSON files I'd like to work on.

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