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Error updating data from SAS via ODBC

We have connected a SAS Server to Denodo via the postgresql ODBC connection. We can access the views created in Denodo as a SAS library and read data. The views appear in SAS as SAS datasets. However, when attempting to update or insert data, the foll...



Client requested protocol SSLv3 not enabled or not supported

Did anyone see "Client requested protocol SSLv3 not enabled or not supported " error in vdp log when try to connect VDP server via ODBC with Kerboers. From ODBC testing connection get error message like:Service negotation failedl The Local Security Au...



Field concatenation fails in Tableau When connect to Denodo using ODBC.

I am using Tableau version 8.3.4 and Denodo supplied ODBC driver, to connect Tableau to Denodo 6.0. I have configured Denodo and Tableau using following document -

ODBC Tableau


ODBC DNS to access VDP server with Kerberos

"ERROR: SSL Connection required" How to config ODBC DNS to access VDP server with Kerboers?

ODBC kerberos SSL


Where exactly do we need to add odbc64-denodo.tdc file?

I have been trying to connect from tableau to denodo, I can able to connect, but during fetching of the data, the following error shows up "an error occured while communicating with data source". So how to resolve this issue?

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Getting "Communication closed during authentication; Socket has been closed" error while creating User DSN using PostgreSQL ODBC Driver

I have created a virtual table using denodo virtualization tool. Now to access this table from my application I am creating ODBC connection. But during DSN creation when I am testing the connection it throws error "Communication closed during authentic...

ODBC PostgreSQL Denodo with DB Visualizer


Missing Driver Creating New Data Source in VDP

When I attempt to create a new ODBC data source in the VDP there are missing drivers. The only Driver available via the drop down list is "SQL Server" I am attempting to create this for a "Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)". Please let me know if there...

Missing New ODBC VDP data Driver source


Is there any chance that unicode support will be added to express?

Our company is seriously considering building integration using virtualization and we cannot perform a worthy POC without the ability to connect our tools to Donodo databases using standard ODBC drivers. We are encountering errors like 'Using unicode ...

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Can't connect app to Denodo via ODBC

I am running Denodo Express 5.5 and trying to connect to it via ODBC. I've done so successfully using Excel (after using a 64-bit DSN rather than 32-bit). However, when I try to connect via Tableau, I get the message: ERROR: Syntax error: Using unic...

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