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How to fetch the deploymnet error log in solution manager

Hi Team, We need your help to find the complete error(execution error) log which is occuring during deployments in solution manager. We could not see the entire error as it have serveral lines with the help of tooltip. since the log is huge, Could you...

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Solution Manager Container reports Licence file not found

Hi, I get Error: "License file not found", even when the file is (I think) correctly placed with correct contents. background Downloaded latest solution manager container image (8.0-20220815) and uploaded this to local docker with kubernetes enabled f...

Denodo 8 Solution Manager License File


Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool: Unable to connect to VDP server with Token

Hi, I'm trying to connect to one of the VDP Server using Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool from SolutionManager. I get below error Unable to connect to VDP server '10.x.0.x-nonprod' (admin@10.x.0.x:9999/admin with Token): Cannot connect to server '10.x.0....

Solution Manager Denodo Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool


Solution Manager: connection error checking the version of the Denodo server

Hello Team, I have an issue when trying to create a new revision in Denodo Solution Manager. After selecting which server I want to connect to, I receive an error that states "connection error checking the version of the Denodo server" that pops up. I...

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Denodo Solution Manager REST API, how to handle deploy objects by Dependency with the REST API Call

Hi Team, we are working on some process which about autdeploy with solution manager Rest API, I want to understand if we have create a revision ,which is a vql, how can we handle deploy this objects with dependency? Thanks.

REST API Solution Manager Dependency deploy


In object Vql, PROPERTIES is the same, but order different,

Hi team, we are useing import .sh for Denodo objects auto-deploy, and we found, now is doing some tes, I found, when using Solution Manager, the Property is: PROPERTIES ('includeSynonyms'='false', 'remarksReporting'='false') When usin gimport shel dep...

solution manager PROPERTIES order changed


VCS configuration in solution manager

Hi team, We are trying to configure git in solution manager using VCS,can u please suggest where we can find the databses which we created in denedo platform (or denodo design studio),how to enable these databases in solution manager. Thank you.

Solution Manager Denodo with Git GitHub VCS Connecting to remote databases


Connection error when authenticating

Hi, when i try to connect to the Denodo Schduler on the Soultion Manager web tool through the Virtual DataPort server it is showing me this error "Connection error when authenticating". I can access the Scheduler from the denodo platform where the VDP ...

Solution Manager Connection Denodo Scheduler 7.0 Denodo Scheduler 8.0 Vitural data port 8


How to store the data of role management to external metadataDB (Solution Manager)

Hi denodo team In general, the Roles Management are stored as part of the Metadata of the Embedded DB. After i enabled the External metadata database of Solution Manager, the new value should be store into External metadata database when i add a new r...

Solution Manager Role Management external Database


The Solution Manager Server has not been started correctly

I got below errors when i try to login solution manager. The Solution Manager Server has not been started correctly Then i checked solution-manager.log, it seems vdp server not started well. but im using 「solution-manager-8.0-20210715」image and set ...

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