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splunk cloud connection

Hi Team, Using CData JDBC JAR driver we are connecting to splunk cloud to fetch information in Denodo 7.0 20210224, but are unable to. error while running query on existing base view and also if new base view is tried to be created: Error executing s...

splunk CDATA


Denodo Data bricks jar error

I am trying to load the CDATA driver jar to connect to data bricks cluster from denodo 8, I am following the instructions to load the driver in class path using the following instructions in the below link

denodo8 databricks JDBC CDATA


How to unwrap CDATA section in SOAP response to expose XML document

Hello I have a web service data source in Denodo 7 and one of its operations returns a single column text result which contains an xml document embedded in an XML CDATA section. I would like to be able to flatten / parse the xml doc in denodo but at t...