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Using a select statment when implementing a interface

Hi everyone. I need to create an interface with dynamic values on the interface definition. I will give an example to show what I mean: Normally an interface is created this way: CREATE OR REPLACE INTERFACE VIEW i_inventory_50 ( productpartnumber_0:...

VQL Denodo 8.0 select Interface


VQL stored procedure-error cursor

Hi, I am trying to create this stored procedure: ( nomeview IN VARCHAR) AS ( // Procedure variables v_name VARCHAR; database_name VARCHAR; Interface_name VARCHAR; CURSOR interfaces IS 'SELECT view_name FROM VIEW_DEPENDENCIES() WHERE view_database_name...

VQL Denodo 8.0 VQL Stored Procedure Error


how to prevent changed column names in baseViews from adding "_0"

I have several SQL Server tables where there are column names with spaces. The datasource shows the spaces, but the baseViews column names are created with no spaces and append '_0' to the column names. What configuration or setting can prevent the...



Automate Delimited file Base View creation

Hello, We are looking to automate view creation using VQL from a delimited file data source. We are currently able to create a delimited data source and create the views themselves, however it requires the attributes to be provided while creating the ...

vql metadata file delimited


vql to re-order the denodo rules setting

Hi team, we have new rules setting, and it has some conflicts of existing rules, but new rules should be the 1st priority, do you know after create new rules, how to use vql to make the new rules is before the existing old rules. It will be helpful for...

vql order change rules


Can Denodo VQL send emails?

I created a view that tists the metagroups (roles) that have been imported into Denodo. I'd like to send an email to these metagroups whenever there is an expected outage (when upgrading), or when a Denodo restored to service when it unexpectedly goes ...

VQL Custom stored procedure email


Extracting text from a field using delimiter

Hi I have a field which contains text. Id like to extract a certain part of that text field which being "Model: 123 Customer ABC" I would like to extract only the "123" part of this field Any help would appreciated Thanks D

VQL string conversion


How can get all database URL in denodo

Hi Denodo Community , Please , I need your help , How can get database URL in denodo , using VQL or any other solution Thank you a lot .



Query a field in a register in denodo

Hi, Can we query a subfield from a register in vql shell without knowing the exact path of the subfield. is there a query like : select [subfield name] from xxview. So if the subfield is under register1.register2..registerN, we dont have to specify th...

vql register


Transform text to data

HI everyone, I have a task to transform a text field to a timestamp field. The content of the initial field looks like this: "2017007", so it's like "YYYY0MM". I was trying aroudn with totimestamptz, but I don't know how to deal with this 0 in the ...