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Connectivity Issue while creating Multidimensional Data Source

Product Version: 6.0 Hello everybody, I have a problem with the Connection to SAP BW. I get the following Error, if I want to create a Base View: Unable to connect to the multidimensional server: Insufficient resources to execute operation. I have ...

Multidimensional Data Source Connection SAP BW SAP BI


Connection with an OutSystems database

Hi team! We've succesfully made a connection between a OutSystems database and Denodo. OutSystems creates databases and tablenames automatically and works with a metadata layer. There is a metadata table which contains the metadata and the active tabl...

OutSystems Connection


Database connection issue in denodo6

Hello, While trying to connect to denodo6 database through vdp-admin tool, we are facing authentication error: Database 'admin' not found even though admin database is present on server. This issue has been recently encountered. Could you please sug...



Connecting to VDP from Cognos through JDBC

Hi there, Is there a JDBC connector to access VDP from Cognos (Ver 10 or 11) available? If so, where can I download it from?

Cognos JDBC connection


Use Custom Stored Procedure to connect to a VDP Data Source

Hi, Is it possible to write a custom stored procedure in java, that uses the connection of one of the VDP data sources? For example, have the java stored procedure run a query on an object that doesnt exist as a base view in Denodo? Thanks!

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Denodo VQL Server on linux & VDP Admin Tool from local computer has connection time out

Just installed and started up a denodo vdp server on a linux ec2 instance. Was using on local win desktop so semi understand the features and workflow. The vdp server is running on the linux box, appropriate ports are open and being listened on. No ...

VQL vdp connection


How can you expire all connections at once?

Is there a way to expire the existing connections to the database? We've run into an issue where extra roles are granted while we still have a connection to the database and I wanted to force expire the connections in an effort to pick up the new roles.

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