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Array Contains with Databricks driver.

Hi, i've been working with Denodo and Databricks (Using a JDBC connection) and i've encountered an issue with the databricks driver. It seems like when i perform a query like this: Select teammembers from some_table where (teammembers).item = 'some_v...

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Compound types denodo - Mongodb

Hi, Context : -I have different documents within a collection in mongodb : - I have the collection with document A and document B - In the document A , I have an element "F1" of type "Array of objects" with sub-fileds "sub-Fi" - In do...

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Problem with types in denodo

Hi, I imported a collection from mongodb. The collection is a json with different subfileds of type object and array. In denodo, some subfileds of type array are correctly identified as "array" and other subfileds are identified as "text" instead of "a...

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Dendo Design Studio's problem with Neo4J

Hello Team, I'm using Denodo 8 via Web Design Studio. I created the Neo4j datasource via HTTP configuration with post method, also making use of a Json file. I inserted the fields via the following source query: {"statements": [ \{ "statement": "MATCH ...

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How to get a length of the array in Denodo?

I have a column in the Denodo view with the type ARRAY. How can I get the length of this array? Standard sql ARRAY_LENGTH function is not working.



Check if Value in Array

Hi, I have to check if a string is a substring of a longer one. Trivially this would lead to INSTR which doesn't work in this particular case as some of the strings to look for are substrings of others (eg. 'abc', 'abcde', ...). The long string is deli...



JSON datasource - HTTP POST - ARRAY request and response FLATTEN

HI, i've set a JSON source for the API, with a parameter in POST body. CREATE DATASOURCE JSON ds_openfigi FOLDER = '/01-connectivity/01-data-sources/openfigi' ROUTE HTTP 'http.CommonsHttpClientConnection,120000' POST 'http...



How to avoid array data conversion into text format while creating base view?

I have created a data source connection with another denodo data base. That data base has view in which data are present in array form. On creating a base view from that view, the array data get converted into text form automatically. Could you tell me...

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Pivot rows into columns in an array

Hello, what I would like to achieve could be straightforward but I'm very new to Denodo. I have a view like this: model_id equipment 1 Array where the Array is like this: description v...

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Json array in data set - joining back to original data --- losing records when select * is used

I am seeing some odd behavior with a derived view that is the result of a field with JSON data being turned into an array and joined back to the original data set and the flattened. if I do a select * (no where clause) of the resulting join (after th...

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