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Performing denodo tasks from Jenkins

I am trying a create a working prototype for performing denodo activities from my Jenkins server. Steps that i want to perform are : Import a VSQL file from GIT to Denodo from Jenkins. Create a view in Denodo from Jenkins. Run this VSQL file in Denod...

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Trying to connect to Denodo Server using node js

Hi, I am trying to connect to denodo server using node js. But other than jdbc/odbc, is there any other way to access denodo server? I am facing issues while installing jdbc/odbc libraries in node js

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License Price of Denodo

Hey all, i am new to test this Denodo. It is incredible software. I am wondering how much does Denodo cost? Assuming my company want to purchase it. Thanks

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Missing VQL properties while validating revision

I am getting the below error while validating the revision in Denodo 7 Missing Vql properties: '', '', '

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Denodo Express Server connection with Power BI

Hello Everyone I am new to Denodo. I wanted to know if it is possible to get data directly from denodo server ( not denodo vitual data port ) to power BI?

DENODO Connecting to remote databases


How to connect to Google cloud storage?

I need to connect to Google Cloud Storage from VDP Admin tool. Below user manual seems not clear enough. Di...

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offline datasource - dummy records?

If your connection is stale, or even worse when your connection to a datasource is offline/not available. But you do have views working on top of these datasources. Is it possible for Denodo to give you a "select X from dual()" dummy record back inst...

Related to: Denodo JDBC Connection Pooling Implementation

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How to access Denodo Base view in SQL server?

I created base view in Denodo from mutiple source like oracle and other sorces. How can i access the baseview from SQL?



Collibra Connect | Denodo

Need a quick assiatnce on integrating collibra data in Denodo using Collibra Connect. Information given in the below portal is minimal. Could you please provide details ...

Denodo Collibra Connect


Sharepoint connection to denodo

Hi denodo Team, I have below questions when working Sharepoint, can you pls check ? Is there a way that I can connect to denodo from share point and display data in sharepoint? If read is possible, is there a way to write back also possible fro...

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