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data source connections for Oracle Fusion (Cloud) instance

Hi I wanted to know How i can Create data source connections for Oracle Fusion (Cloud) instance

Data Source Connection Oracle


Convert a JSON file held in an Oracle Blob to a register

Hi We have JSON files stored in an Oracle DB as BLOBs. We would like to convert the JSON files into a column of type 'Register'. We have ingested the BLOBS into Denodo and converted them into 'text' type columns. We now want to convert the text into a ...

Register JSON Oracle


With Clause/statement

Hi There, Can denodo send WIth Clause Query as it is to Oracle Data source? Why denodo try to optimize With Clause into SubSQL Query? Can we pass direct With Clause to any data source via denodo ? thanks,

Denodo 8 Oracle Optimization


I need to force index in a integration view with out edit base view from query

Hi, can us help me with that? i want to know if is possible to "force use index" in a oracle sql db by a integration view. /+ INDEX(bd.table IDX_EXAMPLE) / Thanks,

Oracle SQL to VQL Converter INDEX Oracle


Querying a Denodo objects with mandatory search parameters via Oracle dB link

i can successfully query a denodo object from Oracle over database link via Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC only when the denodo object does not contain mandatory search parameters. For objects having mandatory search parameters, the query erorrs out...

Related to: Connecting to VDP using Oracle DB links

Oracle Mandatory Filter


Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler to Denodo

Hi All I need to export a file from Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler and import on Denodo VDP. Is this possible? And if it is possible how can i do it? It would be great help if some one could help us on this. Thanks

Oracle SQL


Error when trying access to Oracle Autonomous Database with Wallet

Hello, I tried to follow guide lines in this article to make a connection to an Oracle Database with wallet Test connection receives this error...

wallet tls1.2 Oracle


Problems in converting oracle math operation and the concatenation operator

Hi support team, I'm having trouble putting this query into my view WHERE CONDITIONS, there is an AND Operators in front of the line This is my original query from oracle ... AND datedata+(8/24)>=todate(tochar((sysdate+16/24)-1,'YYYY-MM-DD')|| '00...

Date Conversion concatenate Oracle


Denodo cache got invalidated while having changes at the source level

Hi Support, I have noticed that, whenever I have any of the column/data type changes at source level of any of my developed(cached) views, My cached views got automatically invalidated? so the Question is, Is there any way to keep the cache db as it ...

cache oracle


Is it possible to connect to Oracle Stored Procedures?

Trying to create base view from an Oracle Stored Procedure... following message appears "Unsupported type PL/SQL RECORD type for database: Oracle Stored Procedures". Anyone has solved this?

Stored Procedure Oracle