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Convert a JSON file held in an Oracle Blob to a register

Hi We have JSON files stored in an Oracle DB as BLOBs. We would like to convert the JSON files into a column of type 'Register'. We have ingested the BLOBS into Denodo and converted them into 'text' type columns. We now want to convert the text into a ...

Register JSON Oracle


Array Contains with Databricks driver.

Hi, i've been working with Denodo and Databricks (Using a JDBC connection) and i've encountered an issue with the databricks driver. It seems like when i perform a query like this: Select teammembers from some_table where (teammembers).item = 'some_v...

ARRAY Register Azure databricks


Compound types denodo - Mongodb

Hi, Context : -I have different documents within a collection in mongodb : - I have the collection with document A and document B - In the document A , I have an element "F1" of type "Array of objects" with sub-fileds "sub-Fi" - In do...

Type Conversion ARRAY Register Error Compound Types mongodb


Adding prefix to a register subfields

Hello, I want to add a prefix to all register subfields. In my case I have a register of registers. For each subfield of the register i want to add a specific prefix depending on the position of the register in my schema. For example, I have a registe...

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Query a field in a register in denodo

Hi, Can we query a subfield from a register in vql shell without knowing the exact path of the subfield. is there a query like : select [subfield name] from xxview. So if the subfield is under register1.register2..registerN, we dont have to specify th...

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I do not have a finite number of values to include "cases" on to create new columns

I have scenario where the number unique values in the column (questionid) could keep getting larger. so I can't set up a static list of CASE conditions is there a way to dynamically take the column value for question id and put it across the top of t...

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Flatten a register in XML

Hi team! I have a couple of XML files with a register in it. These are orderfiles from different sources, so they use different names for fields. I'd like to make a new virtual generic table (ordertable) with these XML files, but it seems I can't fl...

Register XML


I cann´t register it

Hi I tried to register the express version but i coudn´t, That wasn´t the begining i was looking for so i gave up, but yesterday i recieved an email so i´ll try again, i´ll give it another chance before i´ll remove it. The error is "C:\Program Files\D...