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How do we add an engine to existing 1 server cluster ?

We have 1 denodo engine running in our Development environment. How do we add another engine to it ?

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Cluster architecture configuration

Hi, I want to migrate from my current setup (1 single VM where denodo is installed) to another environment where there will be cluster of VMs where denodo needs to be installed with help of load balancer. Could you please guide for process to go thro...

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Script Deployment

I have created around 100 objects base views, derived views, api's etc on development environment which is on dev-domain. I would like to promote all these to pre-prod environment which is on different domain pre-prod-domain. Since the domains are diff...



Configuring an environment with localhost

Hello, I am trying to follow the demo in DEN80EDU18S01, but when I use localhost as a host it does not let me. Is there any way of doing this demo in the same server? Thank you

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How to create 2 different environments in one Denodo Platform installed?

Currently, I have a virtual database named "xyz" in Denodo 7.0. As per my project's requirement - I would like to replicate the same virtual database with a new name "xyz_staging" as I have only ONE Denodo platform installed. And, I would like to renam...

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Environment management with Version Control (TFS specifically)

The VCS documentation is not all that clear, especially when it comes to environment management. When using VCS with several environments, we see that Denodo checks in a .properties file for each environment, containing only their name and description....

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