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Denodo 7.0 Installation with updates

Hi, I want to install Denodo 7.0. When I get the latest installer file available in denodo support site, doest that include all the updates they have. I see they have 8 updates from 2019 to 20220531, Will they be included in installer file of 7.0 or D...

Denodo 7.0 Denodo Installation


Unable to connect to MariaDB server

Hello, I'm trying to connect to our MariaDB database in Denodo 7.0. As the MariaDB driver is not installed in our Denodo server, I tested using the MySQL5 Database adapter as a substitute, as suggested here:

Denodo 7.0 MariaDB


denodo view name maximum length

I can not find the maximum limit for denodo view name anywhare. We want maximum charecters denodo supports for view naming for denodo 7.0 Appreciate your help.

Denodo 7.0 create view view name


Bit datatype transforms to boolean in denodo base views

I have one scenario where one of the fields from the source(MSSQL) is a bit datatype while creating a base view in denodo it gets transformed into boolean datatype. Users want to see the results in 0/1 instead of true/false. Even end user application...

Denodo 7.0 datatype


Pivot rows into columns in an array

Hello, what I would like to achieve could be straightforward but I'm very new to Denodo. I have a view like this: model_id equipment 1 Array where the Array is like this: description v...

Denodo 7.0 ARRAY Pivot


Passing case statement as subquery in select statement.

We are automating function to get prior two business days excluding weekends using below logic : select * from dw_vdb.cib360_bv_daily where as_of_date in (select case getdayofweek(current_date) when 3 then addday(current_date, -4) when 2 then addday(c...

Denodo 7.0 Select Query CASE


Denodo JDBC connector for PostgreSQL 11

Hi, I am trying to connect to a PostgreSQL 11 from Denodo 7.0, but the latest available JDBC driver seems to be for PostgreSQL 10. Does any of you know if there exists a JDBC connector for PostgreSQL 11 available in Denodo 7.0? If not, is it safe to us...

Denodo 7.0 PostgreSQL


denodo testing with nested complex structure

Hi, I am trying to test some complex structure. Suppose I have the following view: tech_data Array and Array is: measurements weights additional Register Register R...

Denodo 7.0 Denodo Testing Tool complex array


Aggregation of derived views delegating search methods to base view

Hello, i have following problem. I want to expose a REST Web Service that shows aggregated data coming from one single Base View. The Base View can be seen as the following having some input parameters (BV has search methods): ID Desc...

VQL Denodo 7.0 Base view REST ARRAY derived view data aggregation


Merge search parameters for derived view to other 3 underlying views

Hello, I have following tree view: View / | \ View1 View2 View 3 | | | BV BV BV | | | DS DS DS The DS is a Web Service Datasource...

Denodo 7.0 VQL search methods join Derived views