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How to handle DST change with scheduled jobs

We have jobs in scheduler that are scheduled to run between 2 and 3 AM. When we change from standard time to daylight savings, the 2:00 hour is skipped and our jobs are skipped. Other software such as the Oracle DB Scheduler recognizes that the job sho...



Access to Scheduler Administration Tool is denied

Hi, I installed Denodo Express for learning purpose. User admin, password admin, per default. I run servers, I use the Web Design Studio. OK VDP, the scheduler and index servers are running, but the access to SAT is denied ("Connection error when aut...



Set up Mail Settings for Scheduler using environments variables

Hi, I am trying to configure automatically the section Mail Settings within the scheduler, but I am unable to find the right environment variable names to do so. We use the standard containers provided by Denodo in a kubernetes environment. Would you ...

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External metadata database (postgresql)

On data platform for VDP in design studio we can mention the schema name specifically. regenerateMetadata --adapter <adapter-name> --version <adapter-version> --driver <driver-classname> [--driverProperties <driver-properties>...

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Event based scheduling in Denodo

Need to execute Interface view/s using scheduler based on configuration table entry made by user(on demand request) User can set the status of the one or multiple reports in the configuration table as "OnDemand". We need to read this entry and execute...



Denodo Scheduler: Is it possible to query the denodo scheduler and get a list of jobs, schedules, etc?

Is it possible to query the denodo scheduler data? IE: Can we get a list of projects, jobs, and their triggers?

Denodo 7.0 Scheduler Query Scheduler


Trigger a job to run every day at 4am

I am having trouble figuring out the format required to use the Cron expression to trigger a cache to be exected every moring at 4am US EST. Can someone provide guidance? It is hard to understand the documentation.

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Run Scheduler Job Based on Value from a Query

Hello, Is it possible to allow a Denodo Scheduler job to start only when the value returned by a query indicates it is ok for the job to start? The scenario is as follows: We want to cache a Denodo view. However, before we can start the cache job, we...

Conditional Job Run Scheduler


Scheduler: export

Hi, What is the pourpose of exporting the results of Scheduler's extraction acitvity in VDP? I guess that external applications could recive these results automatically, no? Thank you in advance

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How to run statistics using Denodo Scheduler

I tried to use Denodo Scheduler to update the stats on a base view following the instructions here: However, I always...

scheduler generate_stats run statistics connect database