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Creating new field in derived view using conditional logic

Hello. I have created a derived view named 'dv_1' based on a base view named bv_1. I need to create a new column named 'new_col' in the derived view 'db_1' using conditional logic. The values in the new column 'new_col' depend on the values of two a...

VQL simple condition CASE Clause condition #CASE


Where Condition on Analytical Function Output

Denodo 6.0 20201123 I created a new field from the RANK analytical function in one of my datasets. In order to do so, I had to use the workaround of sending the data from a view down to a temporary table on a SQL server. This was because part of the d...

condition Analytical RANK WHERE


Syntax for a Condition: Last Ten Years

Hello, Here is my current condition: todate('MM/dd/yyyy', ITEM.datefiled) >= todate('MM/dd/yyyy','08/12/2005') I would like to modify this so that it will only bring back the last ten years from whatever date it is currently. Thank you

date itpilot condition field syntax