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Difference between creating user using SHA512 and TRANSFER

Please share the difference between creating user using SHA512 and TRANSFER

create user transfer sha512


Restriction User From Creating More View

I would like to know is there any possible way to restriction a user (newly created or existing one) when creation views. Example: a user " trainer" who have create, read, write privileges. but need to restriction the user from creating more than 5 view.

assign privilages Create User Create Base View LIMIT


User Access and Privileges

Question 1: Is it possible to revoke the 'allusers' role from a user? Question 2: How can we give specific privileges over a user to the Solution Manager. Should the user be created in the SM VDP or where should I be doing it? Thanks in Advance

Create User Role and User Management Roles Users


Role, User and VCS management options are disabled in Denodo express 7.0

Downloaded and installed Denodo express 7.0. Logged in with default admin user. I am able to connect to cloud source and create views. But user management, Role management and VCS management options are disabled. Why so?

Create User Role and User Management


Add users in Denodo 6.0 through Web service, Logging mechanism to store user activity, Pass user name and pwd in API request URL

Is there any API or Web service in Denodo to add Users and their roles. Is there any logging mechanism, where it stores Users activity like which User is accessing which API. How to pass username and password when security is enabled in Denodo...

Create User API Security


Create LDAP User using VQL

All, I searched the forums, but all i could find are references to the VQL docs and another stating we shouldn't create ldap users using VQL. I'm trying to follow the syntax in the VQL guide but am not having any luck creating an LDAP user via VQL. H...

VQL LDAP Create User


create user syntax

I would like to create a user as descriped in the 'advanced vql guide' for denodo 6.0 CREATE USER user1 'test' 'test user' The VDP gives me an error: 'syntax error: exception parsing query near ''' What is wrong with my syntax. i don't see it.

create user